Frankie Lee - Where Do We Belong (Loose Music) 
Frankie Lee - Where Do We Belong

Release Date:  4th September 2015

Frankie Lee is the kind of guy who was born on the banks of the Mississippi, rides around with topless girls on the back of his motorbike and plays his guitar whilst looking as smooth as shit. He's the kind of guy you either hate or want to be which makes him prime for being a rock star. New single 'Where Do We Belong' is, therefore, a bit of a surprise when it comes along sounding like Midlake, the Magic Numbers or the Treetop Flyers with a light country tinge but more than a little soul running through the heart of the tune. The video is also a marvellously lo-fi piece of 'things-to-do-in-Mississippi-when-you're-bored' film making featuring cows, horses, cigarettes, karaoke, motorbikes, the American flag and the aforementioned topless girl. This is beautifully chilled and thoughtful music so I am putting my flag in the ground - I am firmly team Frankie Lee.

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Live Dates:

5th September - La Chambre Photographique, Santa Barbara
8th September - Doc's Lab, San Francisco

15th-20th September - Ama's, Nashville