Sinead O'Connor - The Foggy Dew (Nettwork Records) 
Sinead O'Connor - The Foggy Dew

Release Date: 5th August 2015

As a youngster I always rejected history as a subject, largely in rebellion against my father's love of the subject and the fact that he taught it at school. One area that did often pique my interest, however, was Irish history so it was a fine day indeed when I recently got to go on a tour of key sites of the Easter Rising in Dublin with my dad finally getting to see the bricks and mortar that witnessed so much of what he had taught for so long. Conversely, I've always had a lot of respect for Sinead O'Connor and her unswayable single mindedness in whatever she does but have never owned a single song of hers. And so, we come to 'The Foggy Dew', the new single from Sinead O'Connor written about and in tribute to Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, a renowned leader of the Fenian movement whose funeral is being re-enacted in 2015, 100 years after he died. The single itself is unmistakably O'Connor with power and fragility in equal measure as one of the most recognisable voices of all time moves smoothly through the gears like a rousing battle cry on a worryingly still morning. There is a striking blend of tradition and modern in the music, one that has been so successfully used by the likes of Florence + The Machine more recently, and the journey the song takes moves from threatening aggression to calm resolve in under three minutes. Sure, this isn't going to be an A-list radio hit but, like everything she's done, Sinead O'Connor has a purpose, a message behind this and I don't think shifting units has ever been a priority which is just as it should be.

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