Seawaves - With Or Without You 
Seawaves - With Or Without You

Release Date: Out Now

U2 were a gateway band for me that took me from borrowing library tapes of the Pet Shop Boys to being genuinely interested in something more meaty, more passionate. I've moved on since then but those songs of Zooropa and everything that preceded it will always have a special place in my heart. So, this cover of 'With Or Without You' is an intriguing prospect with its blissed out, dubby feel and moody, electro-mod vocals that works in terms of retaining the spirit of hope and desperation of the original song. What this version doesn't achieve, however, is the full on, stadium filling, sweeping, soaring swell of emotion that this song had in its original format. That said, for a song allegedly about Heroine abuse, perhaps a more down tempo approach is more appropriate. It's not every day you hear a truly original cover though and certainly not one that brings U2 in to a credible market for the first time in over a decade.

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