Elizabeth Kostova - We're Going Down 
Elizabeth Kostova - We're Going Down

Release Date: Out Now

A soulful voice coming out of Norway for your very own ears right now, just in case you ever wanted to try accusing me of being one-dimensional! Elizabeth Kostova has enlisted the help of producer on OD Hunte to give 'We're Going Down' a dark, foreboding sound that is full of Regina Spektor pianos, Muse's epicness and DeadMau5 beats. All this is laid out for Kostova to luxuriously unfurl her velvety smooth voice all over and it's part Jessie J, part Amy Winehouse and part Robyn which puts her up with the mid level pop royalty of the modern age. There is a bluesy, jazzy guitar break which is an unexpected and delightful change of direction but the ending leaves a little to be desired for a tune that promises so much. More to come from this talent, I'd wager.

More information: https://twitter.com/elizkostova