Dirty Thrills - Sweetheart Of The Slums EP 
Dirty Thrills - Sweetheart Of The Slums EP

Release Date: Out Now

If you met these guys on a film set you'd assume they were taking a break from playing the arch nemeses of the Darkness in some sort of Victoriana themed rock'n'roll face off movie with plenty of St Trinians style girls in school uniform running around. In real life, Dirty Thrills are a four piece from London town with barely a year under their belts as a band but a serious sense of mischief and determination that most bands can only dream of. New EP, 'Sweetheart Of The Slums', kicks off (in every sense) with 'Lettebomb' and immediately you get the unwavering sense that these guys are here to have their say. Sleazy, bluesy, Buckcherry style guitars mix with Black Keys vocals and a grinding driving rhythm section to create a perfect rock'n'roll ditty to get hot and sweaty to.

'Feelin'' has a chugging vibe to it with a snaking, hypnotic guitar riff that snakes in to your ear like the song of a sensuous siren only for front man Louis James to scream his Steven Tyler aping vocal over the team and keep you on the straight and narrow. The final official track on this collection is a slower, more deliberate blues rock track, 'Hourglass', that snarls, growls and generally howls through the verses before the chorus sings out with an almost gospel-like sense of affirmation to it. Luckily for us, there is a bonus track in the shape of a live version of 'No Resolve' from Lechiade Festival which just shows that these guys can cut it live and have the rock'n'roll chops to pull this kind of thing off outside the studio. These guys channel some of my favourite bands - Reef, Brother & Bones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Black Keys - and add a slightly more sexual, sleazy feel which can only be a good thing, right? I mean, what can't be improved by a little sexing up around the edges?

More information: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyThrills

Live Dates:

10th September - The Barfly, London w/Leogun
10th October - The Old Moot House, London
14th November - The Rolleston Arms, Swindon

6th December - Planet Rock Stock, Porthcawl


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