Cave Mouth - Deep Water 
Cave Mouth - Deep Water

Release Date: 19th August 2015

I love these guys. Just getting that out there straight away. The Exmoor quartet have created a beautifully crafted niche for themselves which is just at the back of a dark, whisky soaked bar behind the White Stripes with that Jazz saxophone leaking through the walls. New single 'Deep Water' is a truly muddy, dirty blues stomp with a rattling acoustic guitar battling with a groove that Beck or Eels would be glad to have. Then there's the dual male and female vocals that are, in turn, downright gravelly and soulfully soaring. Throw in some saxophone, an instrument that doesn't always work but definitely does in this instance, and you've got an engagingly original sound that you can dance to and that gets better with each listen. Baby, if this is 'Deep Water' then I'm all for drowning so don't pull me out...

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Live Dates:

8th August - Sandford Rockes Festival
19th September - EP Launch @ BBC Introducing Devon

17th October - Oxjam, Exeter