Casper Skulls - King Of Gold 
Casper Skulls - King Of Gold

Release Date: Out Now

I have no idea what the name of Ontario band Casper Skulls means but it sounds good when you say it out loud and just has that aura of cool about it that is hard to ignore. Fortunately, their music is similarly enthralling as the sub three minute 'King Of Gold' single shows of beautifully. A dirty, dark, brooding intro that lasts for nearly half the song is all Queens Of The Stoneage meets At The Drive-In before the song embraces the spirit of Mark E Smith and starts singing intensely at you, eyeball to eyeball in a dark room as a single lightbulb swings menacingly from the ceiling revealing a different shadow with each swing. The B-side, 'Because I'm Down', is a more frantic, punk inspired number that has its roots in the disaffected sneer of British punk before the Americans took it on and made it all slick. Casper Skulls are yet another example of the excellent range of musical talents emerging from Ontario and, on this evidence, they have a bright future - albeit one that will be built on layers of macabre darkness and nefarious intent.

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