Bruja - Bruja EP 
Bruja - EP

Release Date: Out Now

If you're looking for the bastard child of the Long Blondes, the Lovely Eggs, Nirvana and Helen Love then you can stop weirdo. Barnsley trio Bruja have a new EP for you and those that love their music with a raw, unbridled energy will love this. 'XXX' kicks things off with a guttural, gang-like grunge romp that leaves you in no doubt that these three have arrived. The deadpan delivery of the vocals on 'Drone' puts frontwoman Delyth Wadsworth in the same league as Courtney Love or, more importantly, Kathleen Hanna while 'Horsey & You' takes things down an energy peg and gets a little more spaced out on your ass while retaining the spirit of Nirvana at all times.

'Sugarbaby' is not the sweet, love ode that you might have expected but is, instead, a bass driven and thumping tune full of menace and a macabre spirit with an unhinged sense of perspective. On 'Buzzy Bee' the trio take the rock aspect up a notch and the bass work of Wadsworth again makes for a dirty foundation while Lewis Naylor's guitar wails like a recently released banshee. Final track 'Bon' has a more jerky feel to it that returns to that Lovely Eggs space on the Venn diagram as the bass pops and bounces before a Brassy-esque melody sweeps in to end this EP on a positive note. Bruja have definitely made it on to my list of bands I want to see live but as their forthcoming tour only gets as far South as Reading and I'm holed up down in Cornwall this is unlikely to happen......yet.

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Live Dates:

4th Sept - The Intake, Mansfield
5th Sept - The Sun Inn, Reading
6th Sept - The Parish, Huddersfield
8th Sept - West Street Live, Sheffield
9th Sept - Verve Bar, Leeds
10th Sept - TS One, Middlesborough
11th Sept - The Shed, Leicester

12th Sept - The Rigger, Stoke