The Graveltones - Big Money 
The Graveltones - Big Money

Release Date: Out Now

When I check out new bands on Facebook it's always interesting to see if any of my mates have liked their page already. When my old pal Buzz likes a band then I generally know I'm on to something good. Buzz, you see, knows his shit. London duo Graveltones consist of Jimmy O and Mikey Sorbello (yeah, I know, like New York Ice Cream Mafia, right?) and their new single is the confidence drenched 'Big Money'. The stumbling, staggering, bluesy opening draws you in like a tense Mexican standoff in a Tarantino flick but then, well, there's only two words for it: FUCK ME. Things explode for the chorus and a bigger sound from two men you won't find - don't even try looking, you'll be wasting your time. Sledgehammers for drum sticks, oil barrels for drums, jumbo jets for guitar amps and I can only imagine some sort of nuclear powered guitar all combine to make one unholy noise that gets you right in the feels. Buzz was right, as always, and it looks like Royal Blood and the Black Keys can just go ahead and give up now. The Graveltones are awesome in the true, biblical sense of the word so kneel before them.......kneeeeeel.

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Live Dates:

16th July - Bukta Festival, Tromso
18th July - The Highland Games, Pfalzen
6th September - Jersey Live, Jersey
16th September - The Scala, London
17th September - Exchange, Bristol
18th September - Fuel, Cardiff
19th September - The Rainbow, Birmingham
24th September - Waterfront Studio, Norwich
25th September - Diamond Live Lounge, Doncaster
26th September - The Live Rooms, Chester
30th September - The Ferret, Preston
1st October - The Bowery District, Reading
2nd October - The Crauford Arms, Milton Keynes
10th October - Hackney Wonderland, London
15th October - Jazz Cafe, London

6th December - Winter Rocks Festival, Sheffield