Shel - You Could Be My Baby (Mad King/Moraine Music) 
Shel - You Could Be My Baby

Release Date: Out Now

Well this is a wonderful rarity. The four sisters of the Holbrook family (Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza - hence SHEL) make beautiful music together and are bringing that music from the bars and stages of Nashville to whole damn world. 'You Could Be My Baby' is instantly adorable with its dark, circus inspired swagger and four part harmonies smoking their ways in through the key hole of your boudoir and under your sleeping skin. We're talking sophisticated, intelligent and expertly crafted pop with a tasteful hint of sex appeal but be tempted at your peril as these sibling sirens will have your ship dashed on the rocks before you can spin the ship's wheel of fortune. Now, I wouldn't normally mention this but the video is worth a watch partly as these are four striking ladies in a super stylish video. Oh, and when you get to the end you realise that the mysterious man in the shadows of this whole operation with his cane tapping on the floor is the imperious Dave Stewart and suddenly it all makes sense. Definitely, definitely ones to watch.

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1st August - Keystone Bluegrass Fest, Kenyon
7th August - Late Night @ The District, Brecknridge

8th August - Centennial Under The Stars, Centennial