Mariann Rosa - Banjo For My Bitches (Popjoy Records) 
Mariann Rosa - Banjo For My Bitches

Release Date: Out Now

Former Surferosa frontwoman and Norwegian Idol judge Mariann Rosa has a new single for you and it's called, wait for it, 'Banjo For My Bitches'. Yeah, stick that in your pipe and smoke it Rhianna. The opening cry of "Banjo for my bitches" rings out over a sparse Nordic landscape before a tune comes crashing in that is it the precise fulcrum between Hole and Sleigh Bells. I love this song. Before the first chorus even hits I am in love. It's got everything. Club anthem dancey bits, big distorted rocky bits, unintelligible euro-pop bits and always that lyric - "Banjo for my bitches". Wrap all this up in the kind of big, slick, anthemic production that the likes of Katy Perry or Pink are always aiming for and you've got one hell of a package. I'm actually, for once, a little bit lost for words at how wonderfully and insanely perfect this song is. Get on board people. And bring your Banjos.

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