The Goood Things - The Goood Things EP #2 (33 Records) 
The Goood Things - EP #2

Release Date: Out Now

Tokyo indie rockers The Goood Things (yes, that's three 'o's) are back with a new four track EP, imaginatively titled The Goood Things EP #2. Kicking off with 'No Mojo', the Goood Things seem to be channelling the likes of the Dandy Warhols, the Flaming Lips and Redd Kross on this laid back, drawled piece of slacker indie that buzzes and fizzes in all the right places. 'Simmer Down' starts with a real show stopping drum beat and then pizzicato guitars join in to create a Libertines-esque indie tune with Elvis Costello guesting on lead vocals - and yes, that's exactly as good as it sounds.

The second half of the EP starts with 'Take Me Home' which is more of a slow burner but still has that marvellously drawled, sunset feel to it that early Kings Of Leon or Midlake used to do so well with. There is a wonderfully sunny and approachable feel to this music that makes me sure these guys would not only be great fun live but the after show parties would probably be hugely well spirited affairs with Mojitos on tap and strip table tennis happening on the tour bus. 'I'm Only Saying' is the final track on this collection and the slathers of organ create a comfy, silk sheeted bed for the rest of the song to sprawl out on luxuriously in a finely embroidered robe (a tiger, since you ask) giving the listener a cheeky wink and an irresistible smile. Essentially, the Goood Things take the best bits of US slacker indie, mix in a few British influences and serve it all up with the charm and elegance of The Dude in the Big Lebowski. Entirely deserving of that extra 'o' then.

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11th July - Biff Sounds No. 9 @ Ruby Room, Tokyo