Still The Mind - Slow Dancing 
Still The Mind - Slow Dancing

Release Date: Out Now

Still The Mind are a quartet of Devonshire rockers with a new single heading your way in the shape of 'Slow Dancing'. There is a chugging 60s groove to this tune that gets under your skin pretty instantaneously and Matt Palfreman's hoary vocals only serve to propel that vibe. On the one hand you can picture psychedelic images flying through the sky as you take a long ride in a soft top American car along the US West Coast with improbably sideburns and lustrous hair. On the other hand you can see the likes of Orphic Soop and Redwood who tried to resurrect this kind of rock'n'roll on the UK during the 90s and disappeared without a trace despite valiant efforts. For me, if I heard these guys grunting and churning out of a tent at a midsized festival in the Westcountry I'd top up my cider and go check them out but then I'm a sucker for a big ol' riff and a singer who sounds like he's been gargling razor blades and gravel. 

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