Matthew & Me - Kitsune 
Matthew & Me - Kitsune

Release Date: Out Now

For those reading this on 4G from inside a tent at Glastonbury Festival, here's a tip for someone to go and check out tomorrow - for everyone else, just enjoy the music. Matthew & Me are fast becoming one of the hottest Westcountry exports in years and new single 'Kitsune' only serves to add momentum to that particular snow ball. The Totnes quintet open with moody, layered, jangling guitars and vocals that shudder in and out of focus before some particularly epic chorus melodies crash in like one of those out of control trucks going through the front room wall of a cottage on the A304 during the breakfast rush hour. What these folk do particularly well is create atmospheric moods interwoven with delicate melodies that you can utterly lose yourself in before smashing it out of the park with a big, meaty chorus. Somewhere in a complex Venn diagram between Radiohead, Elbow, My Vitriol, Editors and Brother & Bones is where Matthew & Me exist and that's a diagrammatical hot tub that I want to get in to with no trunks on. Yes sir.

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Live Dates:

26th June - BBC Introducing Stage, Glastonbury Festival
4th July - Blissfields, Winchester
26th July - Somersault Festival, Devon

2nd August - Port Eliot Festival, St Germans