Many Things - Burn Together (Dew Process) 
Many Things - Burn Together

Release Date: Out Now

I really, really liked the last single from this London trio so I am quite literally moist with anticipation at the prospect of this release. New single 'Burn Together' is pleasingly satisfying as the honky-tonk piano is bolstered by a bass drone and scattered beats to fight off a laser attack (don't ask) and come out triumphant with the rich, deep vocal tone of a man so assured of his own sexuality that he regularly wears lacy socks and clip on ear rings. Or not. Anyway, the point is that Many Things create huge, bonkers and beautiful soundscapes that the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire and Talking Heads would all give an uber cool nod of approval to. That's two singles that have got my juices flowing now so there better be an album on the horizon. Oh, there is? This summer? Good then, carry on......

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