Azu Yeche - Lagos 
Azu Yeche - Lagos

Release Date: Out Now

OK, there's a fair chance this guy could be absolutely huge in the next 18 months so sit up straight and get in on the ground floor. Azu Yeche is a London based singer-songwriter with a voice that is absolutely crammed full of soul, pathos and emotion - the likes of which we rarely hear these days. New single 'Lagos' is a sparse, heartbroken and heartfelt song about sending your child away to the city to have a chance of a better life - a common story across the developing world and one that Yeche clearly has some personal experience of. The piano melody is simple but so, so effective and the atmosphere just builds around the pure, soulful voice that is the centre piece of this track. On the one hand this is an absolutely beautiful yet tragic song that will bring anyone with a heart to a standstill. On the other hand, this is a joyously soulful song that wouldn't be out of place in the set list of Stevie Wonder or John Legend. Absolutely stunning stuff.

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