Brittsommar - Can't Breathe On My Own 
Brittsommar - Can't Breathe On My Own

Release Date: Out Now

On this dark day for democracy in Great Britain there is a somber tone in my heart so this latest single from Brittsommar, a Madison native now resident in Sweden, is the perfect mixer to go with my depressive cocktail. 'Can't Breathe On My Own' is as soft and misty as early autumn morn in the Scottish isles but when that voice kicks in, oh my word don't you know about it. Imagine Johnny Cash weaving that syrupy voice over meandering but maudlin fiddle, rippling percussion and some gentle guitars. Got that? Now layer on the attitude and delivery of Nick Cave as well as some atmospherics that I can't quite put my finger on, for good measure. Truly sublime in a real wallowy kind of way which is exactly what I need right now as do about 75% of the British population.

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