Ryn - Confide EP (Bright Redistribution Records) 
Ryn - Confide EP

Release Date: Out Now

Right, there's definitely something in the water in Exeter and I'm slightly surprised that the music industry hasn't picked up on it yet. What we have here is yet another extraordinarily talented female singer-songwriter from the capital of Devon in the shape of the intriguingly named Ryn. The first track on this EP is 'Familiar Mirror' (not the easiest two words to say together) and the immediate feeling that what we have here is a song that has been carefully and delicately crafted. The gentle guitar notes and quietly powerful voice of Ryn are like the morning sunshine streaming in through a dusty kitchen window to breathe life in to a once still and cold scene. 'Thick Skin' is another example of that song craft but with a more downbeat vibe as Ryn turns her voice to a more Jazzy, husky tone and you instantly want to wrap yourself up in the song and stare at the rain while you sip on a hot chocolate.

As 'Hope' begins the spindly piano melody and waltzing guitar strum transport you to a Parisian cafe where Ryn would be idly serenading passersby from behind a black coffee and dark glasses necessitated by a red wine hangover. This all too brief collection closes with the optimistic and spirited 'Strong' which has a more Joni Mitchell feel to it with a power of emotion that is rarely heard these days in music these days. Ryn's voice is utterly beautiful and versatile which is enough in its own right to keep me interested. However, what is truly wondrous about this artist is that she has the imagination and sheer guts to take on and conquer so many different styles within just one four track collection. Bravo, bravo indeed.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/rynacoustic?fref=ts

Live Dates:

16th May - Exeter Pride, Exeter w/Sound Of The Sirens + Those Random Skies

25th June - Angel Bar, Exeter