Netsuke - Heliotrope (Illustrated Records) 
Netsuke - Heliotrope

Release Date: Out Now

Three Australians with a Japanese band name rock up in London to start kicking out some tunes. No, not the start of a racially dubious joke but rather the short version of the back story behind Netsuke and their new single 'Heliotrope'. Freya, Elias and Danny are the three Aussies behind Netsuke and their take on music flourishes in the form of 'Heliotrope' as squelchy, crunchy electro melodies bounce along trying to catch the soaring vocals harmonies. There are bits of Bentley Rhythm Ace, Lemon Jelly, The Cooper Temple Clause, Gilbert and St Etienne in this tune but also a whole host of other influences that all combine to make a truly wondrous and uplifting sound that comprises a hundred robot hearts and the energy of 1000 twitchy pixies.

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