Blacksage - Basement Vows (Friends Records) 
Blacksage - Basement Vows

Release Date: Out Now

It always seems strange reviewing artists when you find out that their home town or country is going through some strife. I remember reviewing some Ukrainian artists last year during the troubles and now we have Blacksage, a duo from the US city of Balitmore currently experiencing violent riots and curfews. It can make music reviewing seem a little pointless but if nothing else it's important to keep supporting those who are trying to make something of their lives. Anyway, preachy moment over. Blacksage's new single 'Basement Vows' is a strangely seductive but darkly electronic piece of alt-pop that takes elements of Goldfrapp, Ellie Goulding and some sort of disco Anna Calvi. Synths throb, the beats bounce and scatter while the vocals of Josephine Olivia dance around the periphery like an eccentric cousin at a wedding - beautiful but you know you can't approach her because, well, she's your cousin. Riots and slightly inappropriate analogies aside, this is a great single from a genuinely surprising and refreshing duo. All is right with the world again.

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