Alice Tessereaux - Nothing Lasts Forever 
Alice Tessereaux - Nothing Lasts Forever

Release Date: Out Now

Here's a new EP from Anglo-Franco singer-songwriter Alice Tessereaux coming straight out of that there London town. The 'Nothing Lasts Forever' EP opens with the title track and an eery, Muse-esque piano line and Tessereaux's breathy vocal giving an undeniably French feel to proceedings. As the song progresses, the vocals become increasingly Kate Bush influenced and the haunting piano line tries to keep up in the distance until supported by some lovely syncopated drums and string sweeps. 'Cried Eyes' is up next and is a more muted affair that is all about the break up and wears it's heart on its sleeve although Tessereaux's voice stays consistently in the upper end of the register which gets a little grating after a while. The final track on the EP is 'Million On Me', a light, poppy number tinged with sadness but again the insistence of Tessereaux to stay almost exclusively at the top end of the register has me tuning out of the song before it's finished. Tessereaux has a talent, that's undeniable, but to make the leap up to the next level I'd like to hear her step out of her comfort zone and stretch that voice with a little more power behind it.

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12th May - Dead or Alive presents @ The Workshop, Old Street, London