Ulkrika Uma - My Heart Goes (The Animal Farm) 
Ulrika Uma - My Heart Goes

Release Date: 9th March 2015

I've been on a bit of a Swedish winning streak recently so I had high hopes for Stockholm born London resident Ulrika Uma. New single 'My Heart Goes' is pitched somewhere between Kate Bush and Robyn with a melody that sounds like a speeded up Coldplay piano riff on a loop. Now, all of that combined could potentially sound quite appealing and it's not a poor track but something just seems to be lacking. For a song about love it lacks any real depth of sincerity and that may be down to the sparse, almost cold melodies that don't give a lot of space for the heart to swell or emotions to soar. Not a bad effort at all but not one I'll come back to in a hurry.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/ulrikauma?fref=ts

Live Dates:

11th March - Cafe 1001, London