The Holy Gasp - A Daily Affirmation 
The Holy Gasp - A Daily Affirmation 

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto. Home to a lot of things but not, I suspect, a particularly strong Afro-Cuban psychedelic surf-punk scene. I've never been to Toronto, granted, but I suspect the The Holy Gasp are ploughing a fairly lonely furrow. In the snow. Nevertheless, their new single 'A Daily Affirmation' is here so listen up. Opening with layers of vocal harmonies joined by an excitedly shuffling rhythm you soon realise that these guys are here to have a bit of fun and spread some joy. Think Flaming Lips on a really good day, the Polyphonic Spree without all the pretension or the Levellers without the preachiness and then wrap that up in a character with the facial expressiveness of Chevy Chase. The whole thing climaxes with a party band wigging out in a cupboard and you know you've experienced something refreshing, original and makes you want to just hit restart straight away. If you've had a bad day at work or need a pick me up before the day starts then this is the tune for you. No diggity.

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Live Dates:

13th March - The Phog, Windsor w/OS Tropies
14th March - The Trinity Lounge, Sarnia w/ OS Tropies
17th March - Musiiki, Kingston
19th March - Quai Des Brumes, Montreal
20th March - The Garnet, Peterborough

21st March - The Silver Dollar, Toronto