Shirley Said - Salvation/Merry Go-Round 
Shirley Said - Salvation/Merry Go-Round

Release Date: 23rd March 2015

What is in a name? London duo Shirley Said have chosen a fairly odd moniker for their musical endeavours but when you consider the likes of Everything But The Girl and Tom Tom Club as band names then perhaps it's not that strange after all. The first of these two A-sides is 'Salvation' which opens with descending synths sounding like water down a window on a wet, grey Sunday afternoon. However, once the guitars and subdued vocals join in there is a fresh vibe that is somewhere between the blissed out classicism of the Beach Boys and the trippy, chill out vibes of Portishead or Swim Deep. 'Merry Go-Round' is the other track of the two on this single and it creaks and grinds in to action before the hypnotic vocals and pulsating beat kicks things up a notch. There is a strangely hypnotic and alluring element to the music of Shirley Said which, although coming from a largely electronic source, has a pleasingly organic feel. Worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

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26th March - Single Launch Party @ The Finsbury, London