Nicky William - What If 
Nicky William - What If

Release Date: Out Now

There is such a youthful charm about Nicky William that you can't help but want to tousle his hair and tell him "you've got talent, kid". But then he opens his mouth and the voice of a man who has seen a thing or two in his few years on this rock called Earth. New single 'What If' starts with a jaunty enough whistle but soon that deep, chocolaty voice comes in and adds a whole new texture to the song. When the chorus drops it's obvious we are dealing with a strummable, hummable indie romp with class and more than a nod to a number of 90s heroes, not least Crash Test Dummies and dEUS. If you give the lyrics a listen then you'll uncover yet another layer to this song but that's not for me to spell out, that's for you to take a listen to. I can't be doing all the work for you now can I?

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