Keroscene - Cotton Bandy/Storm (Dream Machine Records) 
Keroscene - Cotton Candy/Storm

Release Date: Out Now

Ooooh, I do like this. Immediately, this is right up my street. 4 sombre but cool looking dudes in black playing a song called 'Cotton Candy'? What's not to like!?! Keroscene are a London based quartet who exist in the slivers between grunge, dream pop and shoegaze which is a dark but wonderful place to exist. Imagine a heavier Swim Deep, the Maccabees when they're really angry or My Bloody Valentine when they're feeling a little bit introspective and you've got 'Cotton Candy' nailed - not literally of course, it would just fall off the nail. 'Storm' is the other track on this single which is a little more self assured and puts you in mind of Interpol or Smashing Pumpkins in their prime, all black outfits and angular haircuts with the whole thing slathered in model stares. As the incendiary guitars burn out and fade in to the blackness you feel as though an impression has been left on some part of you by this band which is just how it should be. Big, BIG things to come for these lads.

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Live Dates:

10th March - Old Blue Last, London
21st March - Unit 4 Warehouse, London w/La Hell Gang

11th May - Unit 4 Warehouse, London w/Tenebrous Liar + Hatorns