The Hokum - Mind Over Matter 
The Hokum - Mind Over Matter

Release Date: 23rd February 2015

I do like words that don't get used often enough and hokum is one such word. Sheffield band The Hokum, then, are off to a flying start in my book so I hope new single 'Mind Over Matter' keeps the dream alive. Opening with a steady beat and a hint of cowbell, the choppy guitars and erratic bass line soon join in - I'm hooked. This is refreshing, stand out music with the vibe of Talking Heads, Flaming Lips or Devo running through its angular arrangements and jerky vocal delivery. There is also an element of the B52s, Squeeze and The The going on which, all in all, is just wonderful so I can't speak highly enough of these guys. I'm delighted that these guys are making such essential and refreshing while simultaneously being British - not an easy task these days it would seem.

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13th March - The Red House, Sheffield