Keto - Change/Otherside (Denizen Recordings) 
Keto - Change/Otherside

Release Date: 23rd February 2015

This is the debut offering from Nottingham collective Keto and even without hearing a note, the artwork tells me that I'm going to like these folks. A-side 'Change' is a sultry, slow-beat of a song that does as much to seduce the senses as it does to put you on edge. Elements of Massive Attack, 12 Rounds, Portishead, the Noisettes and Moloko all mingle to make a sound that you could slow dance to but keep an eye on your dance partner - they might just have a dagger concealed about their person. The aptly named 'Otherside' is the B-side is a more directly dark affair as angular guitars mix with chilled out beats and Bond-esque strings to create a masterpiece of cinematic stature - far too impressive for a B-side. Critical acclaim surely awaits for this talented quartet but whether commercial success follows will be down to some careful and clever management of such a unique sound.

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26th February - The Elgin, London