Deux Furieuses - The Party Of Shaitaan 
Duex Furieuses - The Party Of Shaitaan

Release Date: 23rd February 2015

The oh-so-welcome return of Ros and Vas, aka Deux Furieuses, is here in the shape of their new single, 'The Party Of Shaitaan'. Now, those of a nervous disposition may want to take a seat on something solid as this duo are not known for making polite entrances or holding back on either the power or the volume fronts. The opening strains of "Out With The Old" are soon blasted out of the water but hypnotic rhythms and guitars that, well, they just blow you away. Sure you can hear all the influences you expect here - Breeders, Veruca Salt, Hole, Throwing Muses - but there are other more complex tones here as well, from Queens Of The Stone Age and Royal Blood to Smashing Pumpkins and Henry Rollins. If you like your music passionate, to the point, politicised, informed and with a thoroughly empowered voice then Deux Furieuses are what you need in 2015.

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