Ded Rabbit - Better On The Day 
Ded Rabbit - Better On The Day

Release Date: Out Now

Look at these guys. Could they look any more Scottish? And their names - Eugene, Fergus, Eoin and Donal. Great Scottish names. In fact, all four are brothers, Gaine being the surname, and hail from the mighty Edinburgh (or Eden Burg as the Yanks would say) under the collective title Ded Rabbit. Their new single, 'Better On The Day', is a punchy, jumpy number with twitchy guitars leaping out their skin at every beat of the drum only to be talked back down by the smooth bass line. Erratic vocals and a sense of 80s indie fun all blend with influences like the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and the View to make a thoroughly appealing piece of indie pop with the spirit of Zed from Police Academy running through its core. Confused? Give it a listen and all will become clear.

NB Turns out these guys are actually Yorkshire lads that moved to Scotland but I stand by my earlier comments, they look damn Scottish.

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