Blkmgk - You Don't Deserve Me feat. Amina Mine & Jayy Starr 
Blkmgk - You Don't Deserve Me

Release Date: Out Now

You have to feel sorry for vowels these days. They get left out of a lot of band names these days. Anyway, Swedish collaborative collective are, aside from being vowel haters, a lot of fun. New single 'You Don't Deserve Me' mixes Dub, Reggae, Bangra and some gorgeously 90s dance sounds with a couple of guest voices to create the kind of tune the Hoxton-ites will do their nut over. For once, however, the trend setters of East London might just have a point as this song has more edge than a Dungeons and Dragons die whilst having the sassiness and sex appeal of a Rhianna tune. So, one for the dance floor that it's OK to like, then. Perfect.

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