Any O' - Vibrations (100 Songs) 
Any O' - Vibrations

Mysterious Swedish soloist Any O', aka Louise Frick Sveen, has a new single for your enjoyment out on the marvellous 100 Songs label. 'Vibrations' is a delicious slice of disjointed Scandinavian pop with a healthy dose of uplifting melodies and beats to mix with an undeniably uneasy feeling right at the back of the song. Way back, in the shadows. Maybe it's the video that's freaking me out (not a fan of masks) but something hidden deep inside this song is giving me the feeling that this is Robyn and Royksopp with Aphex Twin on production duties. Translate that in to a real life situation and it's the best night out clubbing you've ever had only to find that someone has taken your coat from the cloakroom and replaced it with a gimp mask and butterfly wings. Not necessarily bad but not exactly what you were expecting either. Intriguing, non?

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