You Win Again Gravity - Skyline 
You Win Again Gravity - Skyline

If you're in the market for a bit of progressive post-hardcore math rock from Queen Elizabeth II's back garden then you're in luck. The marvellously named You Win Again Gravity have a new single for you under the title 'Skyline' and a video to boot. Things start atmospherically enough but the bursts of rapid drumming give a hint at what is to come. Sure enough, razor sharp choppy riffs and razor gargled vocals come crashing in and the band's disregard for time signatures or a traditional melody are apparent for all to see. I have to admit to feeling a little numb to this at first but as the four and a half minute track unfolds there are new and exciting complexities to be found that keep you hooked. They get pretty close to the genius of Reuben but they just lack that wry humour to tip the over the edge although the video is beautifully dark so that helps.

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