Yawning Dog - Don't Be Shy, Vlad 
Yawning Dog - Don't Be Shy, Vlad

Stoner Grunge Punky Monkeys. That's how Yawning Dog describe themselves on Facebook and, as far as self descriptions go, this is pretty enticing to me. The enticement lead me to discover that these Yorkshire lads have a song by the name of 'Don't Be Shy, Vlad' which deserves some attention from all of us. The two and a half minute beast starts with some channelled distortion and then a riff kicks in that is part Nirvana, part Mudhoney and part early Biffy Clyro. Grunge with a groove, if you will, but also with maniacally distorted vocals and drums that could just as well b found propping up a Weezer tune on a Friday night. This is pretty tasty stuff and, yes, stoner grunge punky monkeys is probably as accurate a description as you can get for this brand of messy, shambolic but utterly delicious distorto-pop.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/yawningdogtheband

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGKXSMq71Rc&spfreload=10

Live Dates:

17th January - Santiagos Bar, Leeds
23rd January - The Waldorf, Manchester w/Bi:Lingual
24th January - Dog & Parrott, Newcastle
27th January - The Lomax, Liverpool
29th January - The Mulberrys Tavern, Sheffield w/The Rubber Sound Experiment + Follow The Lion
30th January - Players Bar, Wakefield
31st January - Carpe Diem, Leeds w/Of Allies + Sirens In The Delta

1st February - Parish Bar, Huddersfield w/Dead End Friends + Negative Panda