Vast Robot Armies - Everything New Is Old Again/Foxtrot 
Vast Robot Armies - Everything New Is Old Again/Foxtrot

I try not to be a judging person but if I go to someone's house that I've never visited before I always try to take a quick scan of the CD collection just to see what I'm dealing with. I remember a date that got truncated upon seeing the first three CDs on a girl's shelf were a Mariah Carey album, the best of Celine Dion and the soundtrack from Titanic. So, when I saw that Toronto band Vast Robot Armies listed their influences to include the likes of ELO, Supertramp, Van Halen, Fugazi and Doves I was, to say the least, intrigued.

The first of these two tracks, 'Everything New Is Old Again', starts off with some slightly moody synth sounds before the guitars emerge like a sunrise and then the drums, vocals and bass all crash in at once. This is real wall of sound stuff but with woozy, almost drunk sounding melodies twisting out of the corner of your eye and in to full, Technicolor view. 'Foxtrot', being the other track, is more of a trad indie affair with a foot stomping melody evoking memories of the La's, the jangle of the Beatles and the Seahorses at their brief best. I can imagine having a cracking time at a Vast Robot Armies gig and I get the impression they're thoroughly good fun to be around as well. The full package, then.

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