Snap - Bras (Atypeek Music/Collectif Coax/Cartoon Records) 
Snap - Bras

Just to clear up any confusion straight from the word go, this is not the same Snap that brought us that famous line about being as "serious as cancer" in the legendary 'Rhythm Is A Dancer'. No, this is a French trio with a song that lasts 112 seconds and goes by the name 'Bras' and is, frankly, bonkers. You could  loosely tie this in to Jazz, Punk, Electronica or, perhaps, the sound of an expletive ridden trip down a long flight of stairs for Johnny 5. This makes At The Drive-In seem positively hum-drum as guitar strings and plucked, drums hit with gay abandon and electronic noises are wrestled from a range of synths and wires. The late, great John Peel would have absolutely love this and, even though I'll probably never put it on in the car, I kinda do too. I mean, if it weren't for people like Snap we'd all be listening to a steady diet of Ariana Grande and Michael Buble.

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