Rangleklods - Lost U (Tambourhinoceros) 
Rangleklods - Lost U

Now, here we have a band who knew what they were doing when they were picking a name. I don't know if it means something in their native Danish tongue but either way the word Rangleklods is a hugely satisfying word to say. Rangleklods. Rangleklods. Try it, let it roll around your mouth a little. Rangleklods. Anyway, I digress, 'Lost U' is the new single from the duo is a juddering, skittish beast with galloping beats, 90s keyboard sounds and seductive disco vocals. There is a sexiness to this song that I find appealing but it is the mix of different generations of genre that really makes this a track worth checking out. That and the name. Rangleklods. Sorry, I won't say it again.......Rangleklods.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/rangleklods?fref=ts

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/rangleklods/lost-u-album

Live Dates:

27th March - Train, Aarhus
2nd April - Pitstop, Kolding
3rd April - Skraaem, Aalborg
4th April - Pumphuset, Copenhagen

9th May - Kulturmaskinen, Odense