Moriaty - Bones 
Moriaty - Bones

Release Date: 26th January 2015

Not content with releasing one of the best albums of 2014 as their debut offering, Devon duo Moriaty are hitting 2015 running with new single 'Bones' coming out before January has even finished. And not only that, they've only gone and roped in one of the best bassists of all time to play on it - fellow Devonian Muse's Chris Wolstenholme.  'Bones' is a grinding, relentlessly grooving and punchy number that continues the blues infused rock theme that the band had set up for themselves on their debut album. The drumming is sharp, the guitars sleazy and Wolstenholme is a necessary addition to give the track additional level of sleaze which is one of the bands best qualities. Comparisons will be drawn with the Black Keys and White Stripes for reasons of style and number of members but what Moriaty do better than either of these is add a more modern, stylish twist to proceedings. Oh, and then there's the video which features three musicians jamming out in a boxing ring, boxers trying to punch as hard as the tune does (and failing) and spats. Gotta love spats in a boxing ring. Belter of a tune, belter of a band - watch out 2015, they're coming for you.

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Live Dates:

13th February - 13th Note, Glasgow
14th February - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
17th February - The Nest, Bath
18th February - Dublin Castle, London
20th February - The Golden Lion, Bristol

21st February - Mermaid Inn, Newquay