Kit - No Mercy 
Kit - No Mercy

I have to admit to seeing Kit (Kit Walters to give him his full name) and thinking "he looks like a bit of a ponce". And then 'No Mercy' kicks and boy did my preconceptions get blown out of the window like a car passenger without a seat belt during a head on collision. This single might only be two minutes long but it starts like Johnny Cash singing a funeral lament in a cold, dark prison cell as Kit's treacle thick voice breathes out from the shadows with only the clank of a tambourine (or is that shackles) for company. Half way through the song kicks in to life and takes the form of a blues infused rock'n'roll stomper that smells of leather, grease, burnt matches and whiskey breath. Finally, we have an American who understands rock'n'roll again. Worth waiting for.

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27th February - The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn w/Manic Pixi + People At Parties


  1. I really enjoyed this review. Ween I first heard him I didn't expect him to sound as he did as well. I didn't see him as a "Ponce" but I did see as something unlike the music. I really cant wait for this album. I think its going to be better then the last one.


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