Jake Morley - Ghostess 
Jake Morley - Ghostess

Release Date: February 2015

This guy. You see this guy? This guy makes me smile, cry, sob and leap with joy (metaphorically in the last case, I'm not much of a leaper). Our paths have crossed in strange places and my baby boy is inadvertently named after him so it is with great joy that I get to bring his music on to the blog so early in 2015. Forthcoming single 'Ghostess' is one of Morley's more sombre tunes but the fragile beauty shines through the music as always. Sliding cello notes, Massive Attack-esque percussive rhythms and stormy Sunday pianos all undulate beneathe Morley's voice which is holding back the tears with every breathy word. What Morley does so wonderfully is take apart your average song about love and loss to put it back together with some parts in the conventional place but, on the whole, there is something wholly new and original to be found. As 'Ghostess' builds to a crescendo of anger, pain and rhythmically disorientating beats you feel the pain of someone going through a break up and, if you're anything like me, it gives you a real 'love the one you're with' kind of feeling. Stunning stuff as always and if you haven't already seen him live I'd urge you to keep an eye out for any dates as Mr Morley is charming live as he is sublime on record.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jakemorleymusic