Indigo Sixteen - Decide 
Indigo Sixteen - Decide

Release Date: 19th January 2015

Look at these boys. Seriously, take a good long look. Scottish teenagers Indigo Sixteen represent the rebellious, punk spirit that you can only hope your children will embrace. No sitting around staring at Minecraft or listening to endless, indeterminable pop drivel from Taylor Minaj-Gaga. Not for these West Lothian boys, they're after the rock'n'roll life in leather jackets, questionable hair and more attitude than spot cream. New single 'Decide' has a dark, brooding indie feel to go along with that punk spirit and bands like Franz Ferdinand, Blondie, Interpol, The Fall and the Ramones are surely all influences. The chugging riffs are driven by the pounding drums with Stephen Mallin's almost spoken-word vocal standing out as a particularly unique delivery in these days when most singers want to sound American. I hope these boys get some level of success as they have the right ideas and the ability to write catchy, original songs on the evidence of this single. If they don't make it, though, then they will always have the years when Indigo Sixteen was everything they lived and breathed. What is it they say: it's better to have rocked and passed out than never to have rocked at all? Something like that.

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