Gospel - EMPR (Not Like That Records) 
Gospel - EMPR

Release Date: 19th January 2015

OK, if this was a tune by one of the current crop of popstrels currently filling up the Now compilations and generally residing at Radio 1's studios it would probably be acclaimed as a huge tune. The fact that London duo Gospel are still relatively unknown, however, makes 'EMPR' an even more impressive tune tinged with sadness that this may not reach the audience that it should. Moody processed beats and atmospheric electronica  surge and mingle beneath the breathy voice of Beth Anderton-Allen to create an utterly gorgeous piece of music that is perfect for surveying a city at dawn from a hill high on the outskirts. Think the XX or Massive Attack with a smidge of Bastille and a polished pop sheen that Ellie Goulding or Florence Welch would employ and you're getting there. Get this song in the right ears and this could be one of those songs that starts popping up on adverts and BBC montages for moody cop dramas. Mark my words.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/wearegospelofficial?fref=ts