Valentiine - Beauty Lies (Integrity Records) 
Valentiine - Beauty Lies

Vanessa, Erica and Shelly are three punk rock femmes from Victoria, Australia, and through the magic of the world wide web they are bringing out a new, free single via British indie label Integrity Records. 'Beauty Lies' is a free download single for your listening pleasure and it starts with a rumbling bassline and Courtney Love-esque vocals before a wall of distorted guitars comes crashing in fuelled by a thumping drum sound. This is grunge with a punk ethos and a guitar sound that is straight out of the 90s with the spirit of Breeder, Nirvana and Veruca Salt running through the middle like the white stripe up the back of a skunk. With this being a free download coming out at the time of year when only novelty songs tend to do well there is a chance it will get overlooked but if you need to water down the overwhelming festive cheer then this is exactly the tonic you need.

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