Sound Of The Sirens - Next Year/Shoelaces 
Sound Of the Sirens - Next Year/Shoelaces

My favourite Exeter based duo, Sound Of The Sirens, are back with a new single in time for Christmas and every copy you guys download raises money for the highly worthy St. Petrock's homeless charity. So even if it's awful  you should download it anyway but let's give it a listen just in case. The A-side, 'Next Year', is a reflective look back and a hopeful look forward set to the trademark acoustic melodies and lush vocal harmonies that Sound Of The Sirens are so good at. The undulating, rolling instrumentation and tune gathers pace and power through increasing percussion and foot stomping. B-side 'Shoelaces' is a slightly more up-tempo number with a rattling guitar, jangling tambourine and impassioned vocal performance that is a beautiful mix of folk, country and pop all wrapped up with a punk spirit. So two great songs released to help bring money and attention to a great charity - you know what you need to do.

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