Sky Valley Mistress - Rival, Hounds & Rebel Sisters (Holy Roller Records) 
Sky Valley Mistress - Rivals, Hounds & Rebel Sisters

Release Date: 15th December 2014

First things first, loving the artwork. Now, the music on this three track EP from Lancashire quartet Sky Valley Mistress deserves our attention and, whether we want to give it or not, it is going to get your attention. Kicking off with 'Smoke Fairy', things get under way with sassy, sexy, kick me in the balls and kiss it better attitude. This is blues inspired rock'n'roll played through Rage Against The Machine amps but with a velvet voiced temptress at the helm shifting things in to fifth gear and heading for the open road. 'Wishbone' swaggers and pouts like an absolute rock Goddess as the slick guitars and loose drums remind me of the first time I heard Reef as an impressionable teenager, treating them like a gateway drug for rock'n'roll on a grander scale. The EP climaxes with 'She Is So' which has a more scuzzed up, garage rock feel that is crying out for a video based around motorbikes, leather, booze and generally spending the day emasculating a load of old bikers like Pink but with balls. Big hairy lady balls. You really need some of this in your life and the effort that's gone in to each tune as well the EP pack, like I say, it deserves your attention.

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Live Dates:

22nd December - The Grand, Clitheroe
17th January - Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley
29th January - The Ferret, Preston
31st January - Saith Seren, Wrexham
14th March - The Albion, Bolton
21st March - The Fenton, Leeds
27th March - Rose & Crown, Clitheroe
16th April - The Cinnamon Club, Altrincham

17th April - The Crown Pub, Darwen