Natalie McCool - Wind Blows Harder (THUMPERS rework) 
Natalie McCool - Wind Blows Harder (Thumpers remix)

It's always tricky coming at a new song and artist via a remix but in this instance it's a mighty fine introduction to remixer and remixee. Liverpudlian chanteuse Natalie McCool's 'Wind Blows Harder' already has a Kate Bush meets Florence Welch vibe to the breathy, desperate vocals but Thumpers seem to have given this a sweetly melodic industrial feel that simultaneously irresistible and frightening. A groaning bass, sporadic synths and the kind of rhythm you might expect from a Willy Wonka assembly line machine all combine to make something cinematic and deliciously dark which you would be hard pushed to not want to wrap your ears around. More from both please.

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