Lisa Stansfield - There Goes My Heart (Monkeynatra Records) 
Lisa Stansfield - There Goes My Heart

Release Date: 8th December 2014

For those who don't remember Lisa Stansfield, she was the one who spent much of the 80s going around the world trying to find her baby. As I understand it, she still hasn't located her child who is probably in his/her 30s by now. Tragic story. Anyway, never one to be held back, Stansfield is back with a new album and a new single in the shape of 'There Goes My Heart'. Musically, we're talking about Brand New Heavies, Sophie Ellis-Bexter or latter day Kylie and it's prime Radio 2 material. But what Stansfield does well is to infuse a soul and humour in to her pop music which the endless conveyor belt improbably named, vacuous, blonde pop strumpets can only dream of. This probably won't trouble the charts but there are a legion of loyal fans that won't care a jot and will still follow Ms Stansfield to the ends of the earth. Do let her know if you find her baby though.

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