Jinnwoo feat. Malcolm Middleton & Weikie- I Am,  I Am, The World's Oldest Man 
Jinnwoo - I Am, I Am, The World's Oldest Man

Brighton musician Jinnwoo has been hovering around the edges of popularity for a while now, like the nervous guy at a house party who eats all the twiglets before being sick in the sink. This new single, the marvellously titled 'I Am, I Am, The World's Oldest Man', sees the Brightonian team up with Arab Strap man Malcolm Middleton and Her Name Is Calla chap Weikie for a bit of a knees up. However, given the folk involved, this kind of knees up is morbid, sinister and existing solely in the shadow in the corner behind the chair that is inexplicably placed two feet from the wall. Dark guitars move cyclically atop dramatic percussion and plucked notes while Jinnwoo's voice crawls along the floor and up your trouser legs like some kind of snake-spider hybrid. It doesn't make for comfortable listening and I certainly wouldn't recommend listening to this before you go to bed but it's definitely worth challenging yourself with.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/Jinnwoo?fref=ts

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIjDROU5gN0&feature=youtu.be