Hunck - Something Missing 
Hunck - Something Missing

This North London beat combo has taken to releasing music on cassette which borders on the pointless/hipster but, as a kid who grew up with a box of mixtapes and C90s, I still hold a great deal of affection for the medium so I'm going to overlook that. This newest single, 'Something Missing', is a moody, almost sullen piece of indie glamour that chugs and shuffles along without any real sense of purpose but, sometimes, that's all of us isn't it? The Wayne Coyne-esque vocals mix with musicianship akin to Blur at their most stoned  and it's accompanied by a video of a man dressed as the cat one out of Kiss on his day off. Not for everyone, sure, but there is a morose charm to this so 
it's worth giving a listen before the giddyness of Christmas overtakes you.

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4th December - The Finsbury, London
14th December - Alley Cat Bar & Club, London

24th January - Hoxton Underbelly , London