Failure Machine - EP II 
Failure Machine - EP II

There a number of bands I've come across in 2014 that I've thoroughly but Reno's Failure Machine are firmly in the top percentage - in what I like to call "the mutt's nuts league". It's fortuitous, then, that they have a new EP out just before the year comes to a close. Even more fortuitous is the fact that the first track is a cover of a track by Canadian chaps The Dirty Nil, co-members of the mutt's nuts league. 'Hate Is A Stone' is given the end of year treatment with bells to herald the track in before minimalist instrumentation and a sense of alcohol fuelled regret takes over. On 'Broken Record' the guys pick things up a bit and those trademark horns kick in to give the tune a real soul vibe only for those gravelly vocals to rip a whole in the party and get things kicking in real style.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, these guys have got to be amazing live - the universe would be wrong if they weren't. I mean, 'Can't Be That Hard' is like a Bond theme by Marvin Gaye performed by Ben Harper backed by James Brown's band which is high praise for a bunch of white guys from Reno. Final track 'Wedding Song' is a garage punk'n'soul ditty that might just be the coolest and most laid back proposal around which I might just lip sync to for some sort of schmaltzy Youtube marriage proposal if I can get my act together in 2015. Failure Machine are soul, rock, roll, garage, punk, passion, sweat, joy and, most importantly, the best party band you're ever likely to hear. You know what to do...

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